J34 Pro Tour

Orange / Black Gloss

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The project began from race experience in the most challenging off-road environments. It is the perfect helmet for all conditions, from long-distance travels to off-road adventures, it combines the comfort and protection of a full-face helmet with functionality, light weight, and air ventilation typical of off-road helmets.

Technical Details
1530 Gr +/- 50 Gr (ECE) | 1750 Gr +/- 50 Gr (DOT)
ECE 22-05 (also available DOT version)
Technical Features
  • High Resistence Thermoplastic Resin
  • External Shell
  • Integrated Sun Visor
  • 1 Shell Sizes
  • 1 Eps Sizes
  • Sizes: Xs / S / M / L /Xl From 53 To 61
  • J.1.E.R. Emergency Cheek Pad Removal System
  • High Visibility Visor
  • Double D Retention System
  • Pins Ready For Pinlock


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