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HHCS Design

HHCS Design, pulsing heart of the Italian structure since 2011, takes life from the need to develop a totally italian style and technology applied to sports protections.

Every member of the team has a vocational training recognized on an European level and specific knowledge in: Automotive/Industrial Design, Telecommunication and Marketing

To offer our best result we care for each detail: the Style Center keeps pace with the times, supported by the most updated softwares.
Our projects are created from a sketch,which becomes an illustration, than a 3d model and nally a photorealistic render.

One of the characteristics of our HHCS Design Style Center is the ability to entirely follow an OEM project, refreshing the image of an existing product or simply following orders to create a new idea. All this offered after an accurate study of the newest trends, of the targets and the markets, without forgettig the production, in order to fully satisfy every customer's taste and needs.


H&H Sports Protection Srl

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