8biano Racing from Arco to Netherlands

8biano Racing Team

April 20th, 2017

Ivan Petrov
Rui Gonçalves
Gabriele Arbini
Tanel Leok

The World Motocross Championship continues after the challenge in Arco with the race, in program next weekend, at the historic track of Valkenswaard in Holland.
Trentino’s races have con rmed the values for 8Biano Racing’s rider in MXGP and also in MX2. In the top class Rui Gonçalves in race 1 from the starting phases has been in the top group and arrived nally in the race to the fteenth overall place.

In Race 2, the Portuguese, has collected less than expected, but anyway arrived some points that is good for the world championship general standing who sees him in 17th place.
Also Tanel Leok continues the champion with good placing, 16th in race one and 18th in race 2, giving continuity to the results and going into the general behind Rui.

In MX2, without the two riders Larrañaga and Ward for injury, the most active was Ivan Petrov nally picks up his rst World Championship point this season, con rming the progress that the Bulgarian rider is doing and gradually show on the track.
Good week end also for Gabriele Arbini, committed for the rst time in the World Championship where gave the best as usual and stay for all the races in the limit of the rst 30th overall places position. With this performance he con rmed that can stay with the most popular and experien- ce riders.

Now, next Sunday 23th April, the World Championship will come on the historic track of Valken- swaard, called the best sandy hell for the very special and fast bottom.

Niki Rossotto (Team Principal): “In Arco we had further con rmation that the MXGP’s riders continue to makes points and if they can make good start can stay in the rst racing group as in Trento’s race1.
In MX2, for injury, we could not line up the riders who had put more in evidence in this season’s start but we enjoy the Petrov’s progress who is going up in the standings step by step.

In Netherlands there will be the Caleb Ward’s return on the track, the Australian stopped for dislocated shoulders, has solved the problem and is already in Belgium for speci c training on the sand. Also we will continue with Arbini’s World Championship experience that will be present in MX2. " 

8biano Racing Team

8biano Racing Team