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8biano Racing Team

August 10th, 2017

The motocross world championship this month propound three rounds, the rst one last weekend in the spectacular and di cult Lommel sand circuit in Belgium, the second next weekend in Frauenfeld - Gachnang in Switzerland and the third next 20th August at Uddevalla for the Sweden GP.

Three very important races for 8Biano Racing, especially with the riders involved in the MXGP, witch they are con rming during this season.
Again, the most successful on the Belgian sand circuit was Tanel Leok. The Estonian rider, despite some mistakes, remaining within the 15th overall position and remai- ning at 14th position in the championship. Rui Gonçalves is also consistent in the results and for this con rms the 19th place in championship.

Iker Larrañaga is forced, in race 1, to a great manche in MX2 and closes 19th. In race 2 close in 16th and con rms the 20th position in the overall championship standing. For Giuseppe Tropepe not a good week end. In race 1 was involved in the general crash on the rst curve where he remedied an ankle injury and was forced to retire after few laps and, for this, unable to participate in race 2. During this week for the calabrian reposes and lot of therapy sessions to recover for the next weekend and be ready for the Switzerland’s round.

Meanwhile, all the National Federations are outlining the riders that will run at the Grand Prix of Nations that will take place in England next 1st October. The riders for 8Biano Racing for this Gran Prix: Leok for Estonia, Gonçalves for Portugal and Larrañaga for Spain, great satisfaction and result for the team.

Niki Rossotto: “Very important and busy period for us and for our riders who are put the maximum. We are in full rush nal part of championship and we hope to keep and con rm these positions, that for us, if we think and consider that is the second year, is very important and obviously represent our best results. Every races we gh- ting with the best team and best world championship riders and this good season for our team is con rm if we thinks that three our riders are included in the list for the nations. We are very happy about it." 

8biano Racing Team

8biano Racing Team


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