A third place on day 2 for Ruy Barbosa to the GP of Greece

Team Jolly Zanardo

July 03rd, 2017

Ruy Barbosa
Matteo Bresolin

The Team Jolly Zanardo, after the Hungarian GP, immediately moved to Greece for the GP of Grevena, the fifth round of the World Enduro Championship 2017.

The small town of Grevena as the last year hosted the Circus of the Worldwide Enduro and in this edition, unlike the last season in which had rained the whole weekend of race, the temperatures were hot with tips of about forty degrees.

The tough heat has put to hard test all the riders and even our two riders Matteo Bresolin and Ruy Barbosa.

In Day One Ruy Barbosa threw the second place in the air for an early six-minute check. The young Chilean rider has sinned with inexperience, but he has partially recovered in Day 2, winning a good third place in the Youth.

In Junior class, Matteo Bresolin suffered particularly high temperatures and his score was two octave positions. Matteo's rhythm however was good and got some good results in the special test and a better class time in the Extreme Test (Day One).

The World Enduro Championship takes a little break for a few weeks and then moves to Castel Branco for the GP of Portugal that will take place on 21, 22 and 23 July.


"Saturday I was slow in the special Cross Test and Enduro Test and I could not find the right rhythm, in return I recorded a better time in the Extreme Test. Today, however, I managed to drive better."


"It was not a positive weekend, yesterday after finishing the race with a great second place I anticipated the pre finish of six minutes taking a penalty that made me back from different positions. Today I fought for all the race for the first place but then I missed the second place in the last special and I was relegated to third place. "

Team Jolly Zanardo

Team Jolly Zanardo