Alex Salvini climbs on the roof of the world

Team Jolly Zanardo

May 02nd, 2018

Santiago de Compostela, a small town and place of worship of Galicia famous for its eponymous route, hosted the second round of the Enduro GP last weekend.

The race weekend started immediately under a good star and on Friday evening during the SuperTest our Alex Salvini left the best time Assoluto.

The rider of the JET Zanardo Team on Saturday started immediately strong setting an impressive pace in all the special tests going to win at the end of the day the first place in the Enduro GP and in the E2 class.

In Day 2 despite the heavy downpour that struck the Spanish city throughout the day, making the whole route and the special tests at the limit of practicality, Alex Salvini defended himself well and at the end of the race his score is a third place in the Enduro GP and a first place in the E2 class.

Grazed undertaking by our Chilean rider Ruy Barbosa, in Day One after recovering several positions, Ruy arrived at the last special test, the Extreme Test, in the lead of the Youth class but unfortunately on the final podium he climbed the third step.

On Sunday, Ruy Barbosa struggled with all his strength to reach the final podium and despite some falls too much, the Chilean rider has conquered another third place in the Youth.

In Santiago de Compostela, even our English rider Joe Wootton ended the opening day with an excellent fifth position, while in Day Two a bad fall in the final has relegated him to many places.

Next meeting 4, 5 and 6 May in Castelo Branco (Portugal) for the third round of the World Enduro Championship.



"Three perfect days of competition. I won the Super Test on Friday evening, Saturday I won the class and the assoluta and Sunday the class again. A great weekend, in short, and a perfect way to start the real World Enduro Championship 2018 as in Finland it was a particular race. We are working hard with the team and the results have been seen, now let's see how it will go to the next GP in Portugal.

Team Jolly Zanardo

Team Jolly Zanardo


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