Alex Salvini is back to Honda with Team S2 Motorsport Sembenini Honda-RedMoto

Team S2 Motorsport Sembenini Honda-RedMoto

January 22nd, 2019

Is official. In 2019 Alex Salvini will race with the Honda RedMoto CRF 450RX Enduro and the new born S2 Motorsport Sembenini Honda-RedMoto.
Three years later Salvini is back to Honda-RedMoto aiming new victories after the world title won with Honda in 2013, two vice world title in 2014 and 2015, six Italian titles and four overall titles. An important choice looking for new motivations and the redemption after a tough 2018.
Fast, aggressive and perfectionist, Salvini will race again with Honda in the World Championship E2-EGP class and in the Italian Championship 450 4T class aiming to the title.

Alex Salvini

“I’m very excited to go back to Honda and form a team, but for sure my primary goal is to be a high-performance rider. I have known Gino and Piero Sembenini for a long time and our collaboration born after a talk. They did a great job with Grattarola in the trial competitions, bringing professionalism and a good reputation. These skills, together with the experience got in the high-level championships, will be a strength in the enduro. Our goal is to build a team with motivated staff: I can bring my experience as rider and Sembenini’s brothers their one as technical and sporting manager”.


Gino Sembenini - Team Manager

“We have created a specific structure for Alex and we are ready to debut in the enduro competitions. The agreement with Salvini was born by chance, even if Michele Berera of RedMoto had a fundamental part with his dream to see again Salvini with the CRF. Thanks also to Egidio Motta, owner of RedMoto, and his precious collaborators. But it’s not all: this project comes also from the passion of my father Luciano, who organized the first enduro races in the 70s and worked with Honda and Montesa since 1969. It would be really nice to celebrate 50 years of collaboration with a season rich of record like the one just spent with Matteo in the trial. Together with my brother Piero, we are sure we have built an extremely competitive team”.

Team S2 Motorsport Sembenini Honda-RedMoto

Team S2 Motorsport Sembenini Honda-RedMoto


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