Alex Salvini signs a double in the Enduro GP and in the E2 class at the GP of Portugal

Team Jolly Zanardo

May 07th, 2018

An incredible weekend for the Team JET Zanardo at the Portuguese GP that took place in Castelo Branco as last season.

Alex Salvini started immediately strong and already from the Super Test on Friday evening the Bologna-born rider recorded, for the second time after the Spanish GP, the best overall time.

On Saturday, Alex Salvini dominated the whole race, winning both the Enduro GP and the E2 class as a true star.

From legend the Day 2, started a bit slow Alex Salvini , special after special, has reassemble until reaching the third position at the end of the day.

After a couple of special tests from the end, Alex moved into second position and reached the last PS, the SuperTest, a few seconds from the tread.

With a masterful test, Alex Salvini managed to get away with the best overall time, so winning the second day of the Enduro GP. The provisional championship classifcation sees Alex Salvini excel in the E2 and on equal points with Eero Remes in the Enduro GP.

Great weekend also for the riders Joe Wootton and Ruy Barbosa who for the occasion raced in the Junior class. Our two riders were both on the third step of the podium in Day One, Ruy Barbosa in the Junior 1 and Joe Wooton in the Junior 2


"We started very motivated and Alex Salvini obtained the best time in the Super Test. On the frst day Alex ran a good race despite a couple of crashes and won both the Enduro GP and the E2 class. On Day 2 Alex started a little quietly but then changed pace and came back very close to Holcombe and Nambotin. Arrived at the last special, the Super Test, with about three seconds of delay Alex did something incredible recording the best time and driving perfectly. Alex Salvini has so won the Enduro GP and also the E2 class. The other two riders also behaved well and on the opening day Joe Wootton and Ruy Barbosa climbed on the podium of the Junior 1 and Junior 2. In the following day they paid tiredness but they were equally good "

Team Jolly Zanardo

Team Jolly Zanardo


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