Alex Salvini wins the Assoluta and the 450 class at the first round of the Assoluti d'Italia di enduro

Team Jolly Zanardo

February 26th, 2018

Alex Salvini and the JET Zanardo Team protagonists at the first of the Assoluti d'Italia di Enduro. The rider from Bologna wins both the Assoluta and the 450 class with a masterly race.

Last weekend in the village of Passirano, in the province of Brescia in the Francia corta area,took piace the first round of the Assoluti d'Italia di Enduro.

Eighteen special tests raced in a single day of competition, on Sunday, and an overnighter race val id as PS on Saturday evening.

In this inaugurai race of the 2018 season, our Alex Salvini raced a masterly race recording good times in the two Enduro Test and in the Extreme and finishing the day in 1: 28'06 .10 distancing more than twenty seconds the second classified and over forty seconds the third.

In Passirano, the JET Zanardo showed up at the complete and besides the excellent performance of Alex Salvini, has been noteworthy also the race of the new purchase Joe Wootton with a good twelfth position.

Same position, fifth, tor Ruy Barbosa, foreign class, and Matteo Bresolin in the 250 4T class.

The season has now started for the JET Zanardo Team that in the next few weeks will be busy on 17 and 18 March with the GP of Finland, first round of the World Enduro Championship and on 25 March with the second round of the Assoluti in the famous city of Sanremo .


"Starting with a win is a great pleasure because with the team we worked hard to get to the top tor this start of the season. The race in Passirano was very beautiful and demanding even tor bad weather that was not on our side. Now with the team we enjoy this double success even if we

have to concentrate immediately tor the first round of the World Championship".


"After a very unlucky 2017, a new season of racing has finally begun. My goal is to resume the race pace as soon as possible and to give me some satisfaction both in the World Championship and in the Assoluti"


"I have don e my winter preparation in Chile and now I have recently returned to ltaly. In this peri od I will tra in hard to get to the top for the firstù round of the World Championship that for me will start with the Spanish GP " .


"New team, new experience and for me a nice new start with the Assoluti d'Italia di Enduro this new season. Here in Passirano the organizers have design ed a wonderful race and it was a good training".

Team Jolly Zanardo

Team Jolly Zanardo


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