Giacomo Redondi third and fifth in the GP of Portugal. Double third for Ruy Barbosa.

Team Jet Zanardo

May 06th, 2019

Giacomo Redondi finished 3rd and 5th the GP of Portugal - E2 class -, raced on 3rd-5th May in Valpaços, about 160 km north of Porto, towards the border with Spain. A positive race for the twice World Champion, fast in all the 22 special tests. On Saturday he also got a positive 6th position in the EnduroGP class, while on Sunday he almost reached the top ten finishing 11th due to a questionable time control penalty. Fast and focus, Redondi confirmed his performance and that of the Husqvarna FE 350 developed by the Team JET-Zanardo.

Positive race for the Chilean Ruy Barbosa too, twice 3rd in the Junior EJ2 class.
Unlucky race, instead, for the English Joe Wootton. On Saturday the race control stopped him for safety reasons after a crash in which he cracked the gas tank. On Sunday same penalty of Redondi, teammate at the start too.
Next competition is the third round of the World Championship, scheduled this weekend in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

GIACOMO REDONDI: “Tough race but I succeed to be in the top five. I won some special tests, but on Sunday I lost several seconds due to a crash and together with the penalty made me finish fifth. However, we are working well and the results follow”.

RUY BARBOSA: “Saturday was a good day: I got the fifth overall position in the Junior and the third in my class. On Sunday I tried to push but unfortunately a hard crash compromised the final result. I have to work trying to improve in view of the Spanish GP”.

JOE WOOTTON: “Unlucky race. On Saturday I fell and ruined the petrol tank: the fuel came out towards the engine and the race control stop me. On Sunday I was doing pretty well, but I was penalized and I made several crashes trying to recover positions”.

FRANCO MAYR: “Positive GP on a completely different ground from that in Germany. Good race for Redondi, who won several special tests, getting the best overall time once. I’m glad to see him fast again! Good performance for Barbosa too. Once more, unlucky race for Wootton: on Saturday he raced just one special test before being forced to the withdraw. These are the races, we go to Spain ready for a new challenge”.

Team Jet Zanardo

Team Jet Zanardo


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