Good performance for Ruy Barbosa at the last round of the Assoluti

Team Jolly Zanardo

September 11th, 2017

Ruy Barbosa
Matteo Bresolin
Team Jolly Zanardo

Last weekend in the small mountain village of Trichiana in the province of Belluno was raced the last act of the Assoluti d'Italia di Enduro weblog 2017.

A weekend with two faces, on Saturday, a warm sun warmed the racing racers, while in the day of Sunday raining and bad weather made the path and the special tests at the limit of practicability so much that the organizers decided to eliminate the Extreme Test.

Also the weekend of our two riders was swinging, as unlucky as satisfactory.

In Day One, the Team Jolly Zanardo lost one of his riders, Matteo Bresolin, who was injured in both hands while running the first Enduro Test. Brought at the nearest hospital the diagnosis of doctors is a fracture to the radio of the right hand and a micro fracture of the left hand radio.

All Team Jolly Zanardo wishes Matteo a quick healing.

After a six-day racing on the Husqvarna 300 2T with the Chilean national team, Ruy Barbosa at the Assoluti climbed up to the Husqvarna 125 2T magnificently prepared by the team.

Ruy's race weekend in the Foreign class is characterized by excellent performance especially on Sundays in a condition, mud and rain, usually not congenial  to the characteristics of the Chilean rider.

Assoluti d'Italia di Enduro are now archived and the next appointment for the Team Jolly Zanardo will be on 23 and 24 September for the GP of England.


"I'm tired of injury because it is the second in this troubled season. What a pity for me because I was recovering well from the first injury and I wanted to figure well here in Trichiana but above all in the GP of England and of German. "


"Two positive days because after a Six Days riding on the Husqvarna 300 2T I climbed on my eighth of a liter and I ran two good racing days."


Team Jolly Zanardo

Team Jolly Zanardo