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October 17th, 2018


Rudersdorf, a village a few kilometers from Berlin, hosted last weekend the last act of the FIM Enduro GP World Championship.

An unlucky weekend for our top rider Alex Salvini, who arrived at the German GP with a dozen points advantage from his direct opponent, at the top of the form and with the maximum concentration to conquer the title in the E2.


A championship epilogue like this I would never have imagined it. After the world title won by Ruy Barbosa with a race in advance Germany GP should have crowned the amazing season of Alex Salvini. Despite the arrival of two races in which the imponderable happened, first the stop in Italy for gasoline in the tank and then a fifth place for the separation of a relè under the saddle, the concentration as well as the preparation were very high. The points of advantage would have allowed Alex to a race in "defense", he did not have to attack. So in fact it was with the third place on Saturday on E2 class.

Alex Salvini started from the motocross test to finish the second lap facing the most demanding control of the race. And it is in this transfer through the woods along narrow paths through the trees that at one point the bike falls silent. Alex told me then that at the time he thought of switching o_ the under torque guide because of a branch or a trunk that blocked the wheel. But after some attempts he understood that the engine did not show signs of life. Not knowing what to think the memory went immediately to the relè that cost him the race in France but while he was about to check saw the cables that came out of the ignition torn from branches insinuated under the tank by its connectors. I can not think what could have been going through his head at that moment .... Many riders, I do not mention the names to avoid the risk of forgetting someone, stopped in an attempt to help him but unfortunately failed. Holcombe even has risked taking a minute penalty for stopping.  After completing the complicated work to restore contacts, Alex also had to change the fuse jumped into the contact that probably had the cables snatching.

All this in a control that gave to the riders a tight time recording 3/4 minutes in advance. Our Alex Salvini has reached the time control with 21 minutes delay and clearly was ousted from the race for exceeding the 15-minute maximum delay allowed. Alex then reached the next special test but when he realized he was out of the race he decided to go straight to the paddock. Well, if someone told me what happened to Alex in the last races, I would have di_culty believing it. Unfortunately we lived it. Closing a brilliant season in this way it is really unfair for everyone, for the rider who deserved what he lost, for the mechanics who having no responsibility have seen the motorcycle stop. This "drama" comes just when Ruy Barbosa concludes his championship with two clear victories in the youth and Joe Wootton wins his first day of the World Championship and managed to grab the third place finish in the junior category.

Team Jolly Zanardo

Team Jolly Zanardo


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