Highlights Enduro season 2018: Team Jet Zanardo and Carlo Poletti celebrate the team victories together

Team Jet Zanardo

Dicember 20th, 2018

CARLO POLETTI, based in Gozzano in the province of Novara between Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore, has joined the JET Zanardo Team in the Assoluti d’Italia di Enduro and Enduro World Championship’s 2018 season.

The Piedmontese company, a business reality present on the Italian and international market very attentive to Made in Italy, realizes valves and faucets for plumbing systems that combine technology and ease of use with taste and innovative design, combining functional needs and high quality standards. Since 1959, the company has had the merit and the ability to evolve by developing its own experience and speci­c know-how. A maturity that has led to CARLO POLETTI the necessary competence to create both standard products and articles studied ad hoc with the customer.

CARLO POLETTI has embraced the philosophy of the JET Zanardo Team, supporting him in the rich sports season just ended with the victory of Ruy Barbosa of the world title in the Youth class and with the Italian title of Alex Salvini in the 450 class at the Assoluti d’Italia di Enduro .

The JET Zanardo Team takes the opportunity to thank CARLO POLETTI for this wonderful year spent together also dedicating to the Piedmontese company the successes obtained in 2018 by Alex Salvini and the Chilean rider Ruy Barbosa.

Team Jet Zanardo

Team Jet Zanardo



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