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Paco Castagna

May 06th, 2019

Finally the 2019 season officially started for Paco and his Team, both in Italy and England.

So far the racing has seen good results from the Italian rider that proved many improvements in many meetings, and more than anywhere else, in England with good results for his team, the Birmingham Brummies, becoming a fans favourite.

Castagna sits in second place in the Italian Championship after the first 2 Rounds with 8 pts behind the leader Covatti, 

Talking about bigger meetings, Paco unfortunately couldn't qualify for the SEC Challenge after missing out with 6pts in Gorican a week ago, but was selected to ride for his country at the Speedway of Nations in Landshut on May the 4th.


Results so far:

Bimingham Open meeting:    6pts (0,3,0,3)

Eastnourne vs Birmingham:  8+1pts (3,1*,3,1)

Somerset vs Birmingham:     6pts (3,0,3,0)

Italian Ch. Round 1:              13pts + 2nd place in the Final

Italian Ch. Round 2:              14pts + 3rd place in the Final

Birmingham vs Somerset:    10+1pts (3,1*,3,2,1)

Poking Easter meeting:         7pts (2,0,2,3,0)

SEC Qualy Gorican :             11th place - 6pts (1,1,2,1,1)

Birmingham vs Eastbourne .  2pts (2,0,0)


He said: " So far the season is going good, I am settling down in England scoring some good points and racing well, while everywhere else in Europe now the season will get a bit more hectic. I am looking forward to it, as well as racing for my country at the SoN which will be on live TV all around the world. I just want to keep my confidence high and keep improving as much as I can ".

Paco Castagna Racing  


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