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Paco Castagna

August 01st, 2019

Good morning!

After a couple of months of busy racing, here we are with another Press Release!

The racing calendar has been hectic but positive so far for the Italian rider which impressed many times this year in many meetings.

Unfortunately, Paco missed out on a Qualifying spot for both World and European Championships Final Qualification Rounds, but still proving he can be a hard rider to beat in some heats.

Placed second in the Italian Ch. after some difficulties in the last 2 Rounds, he still is in contention for the title with three meetings to go. Paco has to pull some more magic out of the hat as he did last year winning the title with some heroic moments in 2018.

The Italian Team qualified for the European Pairs Final which will be held in Russia at the end of August ( Balakovo ) after Castagna won a run-off for the last qualifying spot against Finland in the meeting which was held last month in Terenzano, Italy. 13 points for Paco which was supported by a good performance from his team-mate N.Vicentin.

The English Championship is proving to be a very hard task for the Arzignano-born rider, but he's proving everybody what he is worth after becoming a Birmingham-fans favourite and improving his avg from 3.11 (4 assessed) to a 6.20 when we reach the half mark of the Calendar.

The team is struggling on the Championship table, sitting in the last place, but Paco still is supporting the squad with his points moving not only to the main body of the team but as well as heat-leader.

Paco said:" Everything is going smoothly, the highlight of the last couple of months was winning the run-off to qualify for the European Pairs Final in my home track in front of the home crowd. An amazing experience. In England, the season is going great, I feel I can still improve a lot even tho now it will get tougher as we will have many away meetings. Positivity is key, always, and I'm going into the next meetings trying to improve in every heat."


More to come in the next weeks, we will keep you updated!

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