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Paco Castagna

October 22nd, 2018

The 2018 Season has just got to its end, as the last 2 Rounds of the Italian Championship were done in Terenzano last weekend.

The Championship before these last two meetings saw Covatti lead by 6 points in front of Castagna, which meant a 2 meetings lead (25,22,20,18 pts per final position on the standings ).

The Arzignano-born rider had to win both meetings in front of Covatti and in case that happened, they had to do a 1vs1 run-off to decide who was going to be the Italian Champion.

15pts maximum on Saturday, winner of the Final and 3pts difference on the standings.

15pts maximum on Sunday, winner of the Final and levelled up Covatti on the standings.

Run-off that saw Covatti start of the Terenzano favourite gate 1, Castagna off gate 4.

Jet-propelled start from Castagna, that winning the run-off, remains the Italian Championship winning it back-to-back.

Paco said: " I still can't realise what I have done last week, it has to sink in. I worked so hard during this last month, I worked tirelessly and concentrated on visualizing the run-off in my head. Everything went to plan, I stayed calm and won 13 heats out of 13, 39pts, something I have never done before. It means so much to me, to beat such an experienced guy like Covatti. I will work even harder during the winter to secure a spot in the English League, while already in talks with other very important European Leagues. I can't thank my team, sponsors and fans enough for the support they gave me, I really can't wait for next year to start".


See you all in 2019, thanks for the support from the Castagna Racing Team.


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