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Paco Castagna

May 08th, 2017

Paco Castagna: Zarnovica GP Qualyjpg 11
Paco Castagna: Zarnovica GP Qualyjpg 8
Paco Castagna: Zarnovica GP Qualy
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Paco Castagna
Paco Castagna

Hello! Hope your week started well.

Disappointing start of May for Paco with the two Qualification Rounds in Terenzano and Zarnovica, respectively SEC ( European Championship ) and SGP ( World Championship ).

5 points in Terenzano ( T,1,1,2,1), touched tapes in the first heat with nerves having the better of Paco on the start line, with the chance of qualifying for the next round just shrinking away. After missing most of the starts, it was very hard to battle through the pack and make overtakings . 

Only 2 pts in Zarnovica on a very hard line-up and some problems in practice, as the best engine blew up in the first run of the morning training. With only one bike available, everything was tried to make something out of it, with also some good starts in front of riders of the caliber of Vaculik, Zagar, Lebedev , but then being overtaken. 

Paco said " I'm very frustrated on how everything went this last two weekends, i worked very very hard for it since January to then get only this kind of results. I'm still confident that everything will turn out better soon, but it's sad to see a chance like this go. Now i'm focused on winning the Italian Championship and compete on some good International Open meetings ".


Next meetings:  3 June Blijham Open Meeting

                        4 June Norden Open Meeting


Have a good week, Ciao!

Paco Castagna, #411