Progress for JWR Yamaha Racing in Czechia

JWR Yamaha Racing

July 30th, 2019

Following a break in their schedule, the JWR Yamaha Racing outfit entered the Grand Prix of Czechia hungry to make more progress and continue pushing towards the top ten. Loket, the track that played host to the Czech event, holds fond memories for a lot of the staff beneath the tent. Kevin Strijbos is a two-time winner at the venue, for instance.
Saturday got off to a turbulent start, as it was decided that Anton Gole would not compete in the event at all. Gole woke up with a nasty fever and, considering the hectic schedule that lies ahead, made the decision to save himself in an attempt to rebound in a big way at the Grand Prix of Belgium. JWR were then left with two riders, Kevin Strijbos and Vsevolod Brylyakov, who both rose to the occasion in qualifying, as they were twelfth and thirteenth at the chequered flag.

Kevin Strijbos then enjoyed another consistent day on Sunday. After starting in fourteenth in the first moto, he ended up in the same exact spot. Although Strijbos actually had a worse start in moto two, eighteenth to be exact, he charged forwards in an impressive fashion and climbed into eleventh at the chequered flag. The pace was clearly there to run up inside of the top ten. Twelfth overall was the spot that he obtained at the end of the weekend and he also climbed into twenty-second in the championship standings.
Vsevolod Brylyakov was also desperate to achieve better starts, as he started outside of the top fifteen each time and therefore had a significant amount of work to do. Brylyakov climbed to fifteenth in moto one, but then bettered that with a thirteenth in the second encounter. There were countless positives to take away from the Czech facility. Fourteenth was the position that he acquired in the overall classification and he is now just two points behind his teammate, Strijbos, in the standings.
The fourteenth round of the 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship, the Grand Prix of Belgium, is going to be run in the bottomless sand of Lommel next weekend. JWR Yamaha Racing will return to full-strength for the popular event.

Kevin Strijbos: "The first moto was going good and I had a chance to get a top-ten finish but halfway I felt that there was something wrong with my rear wheel, so I had so slow down to finish the moto. After the moto I saw that I broke some spokes in my wheel. Lucky I could finish! The second moto I did not have such a great start and, when I came into eleventh position, the guys in front of me was too far away and I was not able to catch them. Overall, I felt good in the second moto."
Vsevolod Brylyakov: "After struggling at the past rounds and having health problems, which I was lucky enough to manage quite quickly, this was a positive weekend. I was lucky enough to have three consistent races with a twelfth in the qualifying race, a fifteenth in the first moto and a thirteenth place in the second moto. I have to be happy with that. I am looking forward to the next races. I am still not one hundred percent, but I am working for it and hopefully we can do some good races at the next few rounds. I am really looking forward to all of them!"

JWR Yamaha Racing

JWR Yamaha Racing

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