Race report GP Mantova

A1M Husqvarna

May 14th, 2019

This weekend was again GP in Italy and this time in Mantova and A1M Husqvarna team, presented there by Jörgen-Matthias, Andero and Tanel, had some good and some bad luck there.
The weather on Saturday and Sunday differed like day and night and along with this also the track changed. The Estonians seemed to have preferred the sunny track. From here on Tanel, Andero and Kadri will head to Portugese GP.

Riders comments:

Jörgen-Matthias Talviku: ”EMX123 3rd GP in Mantova was pretty difficult. The weekend began well and I won free practice and was 4th in qualifying race in my group. First Moto I was third and happy with this. The seocond Moto I put on stalled my bike in the start corner and had to start my race from the very end. It was very tough to come from the back in this muddy 1-lined track. I finised in 19th position- overall 9th. With this GP I rose to the 3rd position in the overall results and I am ready to keep pushing and work hard. Big-big thank you to everyone who helped!”

Andero Lusbo: “Saturday started well when I rode 3rd time in the qualificaton race. In the first Moto I got a really bad start and started coming from the back. The race went smoothly and I finished 5th position. Saturday evening in started to rain and it seemed there was no end to it. Sunday morning was the second Moto and by that time it was already a complete mudfestival out there. The moto already began with problems when after sighting lap there was mud between the chain and the rear tyre was barely moving but then it was already too late to do anything about it. I fell already to the back in the start but I managed to get into the top 10 from the start corner. Within the first laps I tried to make as many passes as possible. Unfortunately during the attempt to get to 6th I collided with the contender and we both crashed pretty hard and by the time I got up and going I was already in 20+ position. I managed to get back some places quite fast and make some good passes and when I was already 9th place the back gave up and stopped working so I had to DNF. The whole weekend I had a good feeling and speed was good but these things happen… Next weekend will be in Portugal where is also 3rd round for MX 2T. #lookingforward.”

Tanel Leok: “The weekend went pretty normal. Saturdays qualification race went really well and I was 5th but Sunday was complete different. The whole night and Sunday it was raining hard and the track was muddy. First race I finished in 11th place and that was OK result. The second moto I was somewhere around 14th and I crashed and the bike got stuck under the bannerfence and it took some time to get it out from there and continue my race. I finished in 21st position.  A1M Husqvarna team did good work again- thank you everyone!”

A1M Husqvarna

A1M Husqvarna


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