Round 3 Report La Comunitat Valenciana

Dixon Racing Team

March 27th, 2018

Following on from a not so successful time in Valkenswaard, and as the only rider representing the DRT squad at the La Comunitat Valenciana circuit in Spain, Darian Sanayei certaintly stepped up to the plate this weekend. It was full speed from the start of the weekend as the young American turned heads straight from free practice, setting the fastest lap, before doing the same again in timed practice. Although the track is new to the GP Calendar, Sanayei was smooth and fast around the Spanish circuit. An incredible qualifying race saw a triumphant display of speed as Darian came from last position through to 3rd, finishing just a second and a half off the lead.

With a great starting position lined up for the first race, all eyes were on Darian. Unfourtunately a bad jump cost the American his start, and would have to work his way through the pack, evenetually fighting up to 6th place, as well as setting the fastest lap on his way around. In the second race, a better start enabled Darian to navigate the circuit with the front-runners, eventually passing Olsen and Prado. Having once again set the fastest laps, it looked possible for the DRT squad to taste their first podium, should either Sanayei take the lead or Olsen drop a position. Unfourtunately it wasn't to be, despite some nail-biting racing between the 57 and "1" of defending champion Jonass. At one point he was within half a second of Jonass, but was unable to make the pass.

Finishing in second place was a superb way to round out a successful weekend for the Bike It Kawasaki DRT squad, and the team are now in high spirits heading to Italy in a few weeks time.

Steve Dixon, Team Manager: "After Valkenswaard it was a quick trip back to the workshop to prepare and do more development. Both Jordan and Dave worked hard to prepared and together we made improvement for this weekend. It is still tough testing and developing each week but we must keep pushing as we want to get Darian on the top step. This weekend Darian was very fast and strong, the bike was great and the work that Darian and George (his training mechanic in Belgium) have done over the winter really showed as Darian push like a true American racer and reminded me of Zach. I hope this is the turning point for Darian, sure we have had problems in the first two GP's with little issues, but we go home work them out and come back stronger, this is all part of racing at the top, we are all pushing for that last few percent, and it's not easy but it was great to see the Bike It DRT Kawasaki up at the front like in Argentina. Once again we could not do it without our loyal sponsors and technical help from Cosworth."

Darian Sanayei, 57 MX2: “The whole weekend went pretty good for me, I had the fastest lap time in every practice and every race ! My start was not so good in the first race; I was around twentieth and had to work really hard to come back to sixth with good lap times and just kept pushing my hardest. I got a lot better start in the second race and was around sixth at the first corner. I could immediately move forward to fourth position, but then I was a little too patient in following the leaders; when Olsen made a mistake I passed him and Prado to take over second. The gap to Jonass was four seconds, but I pushed to catch him and tried to pass him; in a couple of spots I was really close, but then I made a few mistakes and finished second. It's a little frustrating to miss the podium by just one point.”


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