Tough Teutschenthal outing for Bike It DRT Kawasaki

Team DRT Kawasaki

June 25th, 2019

Teutschenthal, Germany, was the destination for the Bike It DRT Kawasaki squad this weekend. A gruelling three-week run of events has not made it too easy on Darian Sanayei, who continues to battle through the aftereffects of the Epstein Barr virus, but he still showed plenty of speed and potential on the hard-pack German soil.

Fifth in first practice and sixth in timed qualification were the rankings that Sanayei secured on Saturday morning, for the Qualifying race a great start together with Prado didn’t amount to much as a fall on lap one put Darian well outside the top 20 and all Darian could salvage was 20th  by the end of the qualifying race.

 20th gate pick was not ideal for the Sunday , but another great start for race one did not transpire into a good first lap as again Darian found himself deep in the pack by the end of lap one, some great lap times (even the fastest rider on track three quarters of the way into the race) still only gave Darian Sixteenth at the end of the thirty-minute race, but his fastest laps was competitive with the guys in third and fourth.

Hopes were high heading into the second outing, bearing that in mind, and another great start helped him tremendously, as he was comfortably inside of the top ten at the end of the first official lap. Within a few laps a gearbox selection problem left him with no alternative other than to ride back to the pits, we later found out maybe one of the deep ruts had bent the gear shaft and cracked the crankcase where the shaft meets the gear lever. So no points in race two which relegated him to twentieth in the overall classification on the day. 

Gustavo Pessoa, the second rider on Bike It DRT Kawasaki was riding solid all weekend with some good battle but Gustavo is still missing the last few laps of fitness at top 15 speed and this is constantly dropping him just outside the points each race, at many point during the races he is battling well with some good established riders and once he cracks the last 5 minutes with good speed then points will start coming in this difficult class.

Darian Sanayei -

“First moto I was far back on the start, slowly moving up until i hit the back of another rider and went down. 4 laps to go and I had the fastest lap time on track but I could only catch up to 16th. Second race I had an awesome start from the outside - but I pushed too wide in the first turn and came out 8-9th. I stayed there for a few laps until something happened to the gears and I saw oil by the gear lever so I pulled in. Keeping my head up, things happen and our time is coming!”

Gustavo Pessoa - 

" Not much to say as it is the same each week at the moment, I train very hard and ride a lot, I am going back to Brazil for a few weeks to try to regain some energy and take some rest, doing a whole GP season is a lot harder than when I came in for a few races at the end of last year, the travel, the different cultures, food, hotel, weather, it’s all very difficult to adapt to as well as the tricky tracks, but no one said it was easy and I am already Brazilian champion but the only way to improve is to take tougher challenges and the World Championship is certainly that " 

Steve Dixon, Team Manager-

" Once again we see some glimmer of what should have been, to the outside World it must seem like a broken record, but it’s not like a broken leg where there is a defined amount of time to heal the bone, this is ongoing and we just have to persevere, I feel so sorry for Darian as this is his last year in MX2 because of the age rule and he should have been battling at the front. But once again it’s thanks to our long standingsponsors that help us get through this tough times, in such an individual sport there is no one to fall back onto like with football or a team sport. With Gustavo, he is going through the learning process that all riders have faced and then suddenly things click."

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