Two great podiums for Team Jet-Zanardo in the fourth round of the Enduro Italian Championship

Team Jet Zanardo

June 03rd, 2019

Excellent results for Team JET-Zanardo in Sant’Angelo in Vado (PU), with Giacomo Redondi on the second step of the podium in the 450 4T class with the Husqvarna FE 450 4T. Second in both the days, Redondiconfirmed his improvement in the driving feeling even on a tough ground such as the one of the fourthround of the Italian Championship. In fact, the heavy rain of the week before the race made the tests evenmore critical and slippery, with huge pools of mud and holes full of water. Redondi shone in the overall standing too, finishing all the first day special test always in the top ten. On Sunday, with a drier ground, he improved finishing 5th: he won two special tests in the overall, preceding the English Brad Freeman. Good performance for the Chilean Ruy Barbosa too, 7th overall on Saturday and 6th on Sunday, with the 3rd and the 2nd place in the foreigners’ standing, confirming the excellent work done with the team. Positive race also for Joe Wootton: the English finished 9th and 7th overall, while 4th and 3rd among theforeigners.

Next competition is the GP of Greece, scheduled on 14th-15th-16th June in Serres.

Giacomo Redondi #18 
“Pretty positive weekend. Today I wasn’t in good shape because I have flue. I struggled, above all onSunday, then I recovered. It’s a shame I made a few too many mistakes but I’m happy of the weekend”.

Ruy Barbosa #14
“Finally, we’re on our way now. This weekend I had the right feeling, finishing 7th and 6th overall. I’m happy! Now we are preparing for the World Championship in Greece”.

Joe Wootton #32
“I was fast from the start and kept up the pace throughout the race. The new set up developed on the bike worked well”.

Franco Mayr - Team Manager
“The team worked hard in view of this competition. Redondi, back from the United States, got the 2nd place on both the days, finishing always among the first in the overall standing and winning two special tests. Very well Barbosa, he is improving, optimizing the feeling with the bike. Wootton’s growth also continues: we are testingseveral set up on the bike with good results”.

Team Jet Zanardo

Team Jet Zanardo


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