Mask Turquoise - Fluo Yellow

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JUST1 Iris comes from race experience in the most challenging off-road environments. Our intention is to create a goggle with cutting-edge design, accurate eye port integration and technical specifications.

Technical Details
Mirror Blue Lens
CE-EN- 1938
Technical Features
  • Just1’s Outrigger Systems distributes pressure evenly for the best possible fit.
  • Just1’s variable density face foams utilizes moisture wicking fleece that provides a perfect goggle-to-face fit, sealing out the elements while providing hours of riding comfort.
  • Protection and perfect fit for those who wear glasses.
  • Removable nose guard which integrates with the frame to gurantee stability and protection in all conditions.
  • Lens made in italy: anti-fog, anti-uv and scratch resistant lenses for superior optics.
  • Quick and easy lens interchangeability.
  • Lens designed to fit Roll Off System.
  • 45mm wide strap, silicon coated strap to eliminate slippage.
In the Box
  • Extra Clear lens
  • Removable Noseguard
  • Stack of Tear-off's
  • Microfiber bag
  • Stickers

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